MARVEL launches 100% Compostable Garbage/Carry Bags in association with EARTHSOUL. These bags look like plastic, but they are 100% plastic free. They are made from corn starch and other compostable material. They are as per the protocols mentioned below

Protocol for 100% Compostable Bag Manufacturer-

As per the recent Gazette by Ministry of Environment in Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016, Compostable garbage bag manufacturer needs to follow below protocol.

  1. Compostable garbage bag has to be as per Indian Standard IS/ ISO 17088 (certified)
  2. Manufacturer should be approved by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) to sell and manufacturer compostable garbage bag
  3. Compostable bag should have name of the manufacturer and certificate number printed on it.

Gazette by Ministry of Environment in Plastic Waste Management Rule 2016

Please read below points in Gazette. (click to read Gazette) or visit

3(C) (E) (O) , 4 (C) (H), 11 (1C)2

In the plastic definition they have mentioned all kind of plastic including Polypropylne ( Non- Woven) except compostable product which clearly separates it from Conventional petro based Plastic.

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Earthsoul® products saves energy, helps to reduce the greenhouse effect and becomes fertile humus for the soil. We are committed to innovation and reliability as we continue to develop cutting edge ideas to serve the changing marketplace. Earthsoul® provides domestic and international leadership in biodegradable packaging to the food and beverage industries.

Mainly derived from corn, wheat and potato starch, Mater-Bi,® products are thermoplastic materials which are processed with the same machines traditionally used to process conventional plastics. Earthsoul® products physical and chemical properties are similar to those of traditional plastics, but it is completely biodegradable in different environments, just like pure cellulose, as they are manufactured usingMater-Bi®.

One of the main applications of Earthsoul® is the Earthsoul® bags and liners for the collection and composting of food and yard waste. Earthsoul®. Bag is produced on traditional polyethylene equipment with minor modifications. Quality of the product is guaranteed by the Novamont quality mark. Several million people throughout India & Europe use Earthsoul® Bags every day for collection of their organic waste.

Earthsoul is the bioplastic derived from natural raw materials: corn starch.
An agricultural product, maise starch, is transformed into an ideal bag for collection of organic waste.
Due to their natural origin and biodegradability characteristics, Mater-Bi bags can be converted into high-quality compost.
Thanks to Earthsoul, it is possible to collect and dispose our organic waste.
The Earthsoul bio bags are water resistant, biodegradable in the ground without pollution, and transparent to facilitate controlling of their content.
The Earthsoul bio bags are used by citizens and communities for the collection of organic waste. After composting, they are transformed into fertile humus for agriculture.