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Floor Cleaning Pads

3M Synthetic Floor Pads have revolutionized floor cleaning and care by setting industry benchmarks. Designed for maintenance tasks like stripping, scrubbing and cleaning, the 3M Floor Pads effectively lower production and labor costs.

  • Removal of black marks – expedite 6 times
  • Eliminates soil – up to 60%
  • Maintains an enduring life span - up to 10 times
  • Extend pad life - up to 25 times

Hand Pads & Wipes

Hand Pads, Sponges and Wiping products from 3M provide unmatched quality, durability and performance - creating industry benchmarks in cleaning for the last four decades. These products assure reliable performance across a wide range of fiber, size, mineral resin and density. 3M Professional Scotch Brite hand pad range is HACCP certified food safe which is ideal for cleaning and maintaining hygiene in food service areas.

Cleaning chemicals

A basic range of cleaning chemicals meant for effective premise cleaning surfaces like floors, walls, glass & generic areas, along with washrooms, making them clean and hygienic. The cleaning product range also includes room fresheners and hand wash chemicals