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Complete Solutions For Your Entrance Mat Needs!

We are the authorized super stockist for 3M matting and we service clients pan india. Assured lowest prices and quality. Call us at 9886901235  or send out an email to to know more.

Looking for an authorized supplier of entrance mats? You have got us – Marvel Corporate Solutions! We are a trusted partner of 3M India and a licensed super stockist of 3M Matting. We offer our outstanding services in 3M Matting across Pan India. No matter if you are in Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai we are still accessible for covering your corporate matting needs. If you are in a search for entrance mats that precisely trap the dirt and stop it from spoiling your office, then we have got a viable solution for you. The entrance mats are designed to catch those filthy dirt particles which make their way into buildings with the visitor’s shoes. But no worries, with 3M under the brand name, Nomad™, the dirt would be stopped at the entrance only.

Apart from keeping dust at bay, 3M entrance mats also prevent slips and trips that could result in serious injuries. Additionally, they help to avoid unwanted wear and tear that happens due to dust particles sitting on the floor. Thus, they help in keeping the maintenance and cleaning costs to a minimum. With a broad variety of charming designs, the entrance mats will add an aesthetic appeal to your office. Pick from the four different entrance mat varieties each addressing unique needs – Modular, Entrap, Aqua and Loop. Also, you could make your choice for the entrance mats depending on the traffic you experience on the daily basis. Consider investing in ultra clean entrance matting, exclusively created by 3M for the outside areas where you can’t afford to compromise with the utmost hygiene levels.

Things You Could Expect Out of Nomad™ Entrance Matting Systems:

  • An Unmatchable Superior Floor Appearance!
  •  Cleanness On The Floors That Everybody Will Appreciate!
  •  Quick Maintenance That Comes Handy!
  •  Safer Floors, Very Less Slips And Falls Due To Dirt On Floors!

3M™ Nomad™ Entrance Matting Systems Make Use of These Four Technologies:

  • 3M Nomad Terra Z-web
  • 3M Nomad Terra Loop
  • 3M Nomad Aqua
  • 3M Nomad Modular Extra Heavy Duty Matting

3M Nomad Terra Z-web

3M Nomad Terra Z-web is a remarkable way to scrape dirt from shoes, check out how it helps:

  • Its sharp peak edges are designed to effectively scrape dirt from shoes.
  • Avail 3M Nomad Terra Z-web in two ranges, for light and medium traffic conditions.
  • Equipped with open “Z” vinyl construction, its design enhances aggressive dirt scraping.
The Terra Z-web is a perfect solution for scraping the sticky dirt from the shoes. Its sophisticated design and peak edges allow it to get its grip on the dirt and eventually, remove it efficiently. Its unique design easily lets trolleys pass over it without getting stuck. It’s a perfect matting solution for use in outdoors with medium and heavy traffic conditions.

3M Nomad Terra Loop

The unique vinyl-looped construction of 3M Nomad Terra Loop gives this mat an engineered edge to scrape dust and dirt like a pro. It works wonders in ensuring that every shoe that passes over it comes clean:

  • Available to serve in light and medium traffic conditions.
  • It traps dust and made to fall it below the matting surface.
  • Equipped with Resilient vinyl loop construction for a better cleaning action.
No matter how soiled your shoes are, the 3M Nomad Terra Loop wipes all of it in a flash. Its durable coiled web structure ensures that the dust scraping out of shoes hides below the matting surface. Having coated with abrasion resistant material, its vinyl loop construction ensures a long serving life. Choose among a broad range of colors.

3M Nomad Aqua

Looking for a perfect matting solution exclusively designed to serve indoors? 3M Nomad™ Aqua exactly serves that – keeping sticky dirt at bay which somehow gets escaped from outdoor mats. The mats are loaded with patented dual-fiber design that takes no time in getting rid of soil particles.

  • Equipped with coarse polypropylene fibers to scrape dirt and drain water.
  • Clears out the dirt that somehow manages to make its way through outdoor mats.
  • Mats are available to address light and medium traffic conditions.

It’s ideal for use in indoor matting purposes. It works like a charm in scraping up the dirt effectively by using coarse and fine fibers. Even the superior fine dirt cannot escape from the clutches of its fibers that manages to get indoors. It’s super-easy to clean and you can pick from a range of different shades.

3M Nomad Modular Extra Heavy Duty Matting

Your search for a heavy duty matting ends at 3M Nomad Modular Extra Heavy Duty Matting. It’s created to perform under heavy traffic conditions, keeping your shoes dirt-free even in the peak hours.

  • It’s available in tiles, making it super easy to install and maintain it.
  • Designed to perform well even under the heavy traffic conditions.
Its scraping and dirt absorbing features make it a next generation matting system that works on dual action for giving you an effective relief from the dirt and moisture.